The 11th OpenFOAM® Workshop will be held in Guimarães, Portugal, at the Vila Flor Cultural Centre, from June 26th-30th, 2016, and will be organized by the IPC/I3N-Institute of Polymers and Composites from the University of Minho. Since its inception, in 2006, the OpenFOAM® Workshop is attended by a large group of users and developers, both from industry and academy, interested in the OpenFOAM® computational library, which currently covers a wide range of applications.

The OpenFOAM® Workshop is open to everyone regardless of origin and/or area of activity.

The Workshop includes several training courses in different levels of OpenFOAM®. These courses are taught by experts and programmers of the OpenFOAM® computational library and are useful for beginners as well as experienced users and developers.

The OpenFOAM® Workshop is the ideal forum to:
  • Present and learn about the latest developments and current capabilities of OpenFOAM®;
  • Exchange views and experiences about developments in OpenFOAM®;
  • Meet OpenFOAM® users/programmers with similar interests and establish work partnerships;
  • Receive training in OpenFOAM®.
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